Mycological Society of San Francisco - Event Information

Event Name:MSSF March Culinary Group Dinner
Captain: Alvaro Carvajal
Theme: Espana!
   Main Dish: Paella Valenciana
   Vegetarian Main Dish: Mushroom Paella
   Green Salad with Olives
   Fresh Bread
   Dessert: Tres Leches Cake
   Coffee & Tea
Event Date:03-05-18
Event Time:7 pm
Details:To register for this event, log into the MSSF website as a member and go to the Members Area Features, Events, Event Registration. Cost of the dinner is $20.00 for Culinary Group members and $25.00 for first time MSSF members attending, and first time guests of Culinary Group Members.  Registration ends the Wednesday before the dinner at 10 p.m.

MSSF members may attend a Culinary Dinner the first time without joining the Culinary Group. If you plan to attend again, you must join the Culinary Group by paying annual dues of $10 per year (Sept.-May) and volunteer to assist as a team member for a future dinner. When you volunteer to cook, you will be reimbursed for your cooking ingredients and will not be charged for your dinner.

Attendees supply their own beverage, dishes, utensiles, napkin and tablecloth/placemat.

Note:  This event is not open to the general public and you must regester prior to the event to attend.

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