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Event Name:MSSF January Culinary Group Dinner
Event Type(s):MSSF Culinary Dinners
Description:January 7, 2019 MSSF Culinary Group Dinner
Captains: Tom and Mark Sasaki

Theme: Japanese New Years Dinner
"Bringing in the new year is very important to Japanese. It's a time where families and friends get together to share a large buffet of different foods to ring in the new year and to bring good luck. The food were having are a small sample of the some of the foods that are included in the traditional meal."

Main Dish: Salmon Shioyaki (broiled salted salmon w/ soy sauce and daikon radish)
Vegetarian Main Dish: Japchae (Korean noodles with shitake mushrooms)
Side Dish: Goma Green Beans (green beans w/ roasted sesame seed sauce)
Salad: Seaweed salad
Soup: Miso Soup
Dessert: Mochi w/ kinako (soybean powder) & sugar dust
Decaf Coffee & Tea
Event Date:1/7/2019
Event Time:7 p.m.
Location:County Fair Building (Hall of Flowers)
9th Avenue & Lincoln Way
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA

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Contact Person:Paul Lufkin
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MSSF January Culinary Group Dinner Volunteers (1/7/2019)
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