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Event Name:[Counter Culture] Fermentation
Description:Counter Culture Labs Presents: Learn to make fermented beverages and more...
This is not an MSSF event, see link below for further information.
Event Date:1/16/2019
Event Time:7 pm - 11 pm
Location:Counter Culture Labs
Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Avenue
Oakland, CA

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Contact Person:Ken Litchfield

The last couple months of summer and early fall we have been making quite a few ferments. We have added fresh tea to our several big kombucha mothers. We've also made several apple ciders, perry, berry jelly wine, prickly pear meads, and a couple of Allium wines. We juiced some red onions to get the pulp for dehydrating into onion powder and then decided to add some sugar and yeast to the juice. It has created a crystalline rozay with a rich onion fragrance and such a nice flavor we decided to make some garlic wine. That came out even better, a crystalline gold with a strong garlic fragrance and even finer flavor. 

The next few sessions we'll be making more ferments with the fruits of this harvest season. We'll be modifying our methods to make more sophisticated brews on the ciders, wines, and meads we have produced already. We have apples, onions, garlic, and prickly pears and can use more plus other fruits and roots too.

We also have been making quince, chocolate peppermint, and tulsi basil raw syrups to add to other ferments or do on their own.

This is an herbal mead making class that covers a wide range of related material and ferments. As we progress well be delving into the various special ingredients including rejuvenative herbs and mushrooms, extracts, fortifications, and flavorings, besides enhancing our regular brews.

Be sure to go to Oak Barrel in Berkeley or Brewcraft in SF to get bubbler airlocks, stoppers, turboyeasts and other accoutrements for your own bottles of ferments in half gallon or one gallon jugs. You can bring commecially pasteurized fruit juice and ferment in that bottle or bring raw fruit and other ingredients to use. We have the stuff for communal class ferments.

If you have extra one gallon clear glass loop handled jugs, airlock bubblers, stoppers, sugar, honey, or any other fermentation equipment or supplies please do bring them to the CCL Fermentation Station.

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