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Event Name:April Culinary Group Dinner (7pm)
Event Type(s):MSSF Culinary Dinners
Description:April 1, 2019 MSSF Culinary Group Dinner
Theme: "April Fools!"

   Dinner Captains: Mimi Zhang, Trish Ang
Main Dish: “Jap-Chae-mpignon: The Morel of the story is, I Yam full of Shiitake!”
   (Spicy Korean yam noodles with beef, shitake and morels)
Vegetarian Main Dish: Veggie Jap-Chae-mpignon
(Spicy Korean yam noodles with shitakeand morels)
Salad: Foray for salad!
   (Seasonal wild mushrooms, foraged greens, orange slices, shiokojidressing, nut medley [on the side])
Soup: Hot Potato Soup
Side dish: TBA
Dessert: Match-a Made in Heaven
   (Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream with Candy Cap Syrup)
Coffee & Tea
Event Date:4/1/2019
Location:Hall of Flowers (County Fair Building)
9th Avenue & Lincoln Way
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA

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