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Broken Image January Culinary Group Dinner
01/08/18 - 01/08/18

January 2017 MSSF Culinary Group Dinner
Theme: Bright Spot in Winter  
Dinner Captains: Mike Ahern, Paul Lufkin

   Main dish: Savory Oven-poached Swordfish w/ Mushrooms
   Vegetarian main dish: Root Vegetable Cobbler
   Composed, Multi-Faceted Awesome Artistic Salad
   Side dish: Huitlacoche w/ Veggies
   Side dish: Vegetable Medley
   Dessert: Candy Cap Custard
   Coffee & Tea

Remember to bring your own plates, cutlery, napkins, etc. and beverage of choice (as the Culinary Group does not supply these).  If you are not on the dinner team, please bring an appetizer to share -- ideally including mushrooms!

N​OTE --NEW Information  -- Dinner fee is $20.00 for Culinary Group members, and $25.00 for guests of Culinary Group members (and for MSSF members who are attending for the first time; see below).  A guest must be registered by a Culinary Group member and may attend only once as a guest; all must join MSSF and the Culinary Group before attending a second dinner.  

Dinner fees cover the cost of dinner ingredients, as well as the site rental.

Only dues-paid MSSF members may join the Culinary Group (dues: $10/year) and register for Culinary Group dinners - except that any MSSF member may attend one dinner only before becoming a member (by paying $10 annual Group dues at that dinner).  

To join MSSF, go to mssf.org.  Culinary Group Membership dues and dinner fees may be paid to the Group Treasurer, by cash or check, at any Culinary Group dinner.  See you there!
Location: Hall of Flowers
Lincoln Way and 9th Avenue
San Francisco, CA

Registration ends on January 3, 2018
There are currently 49 spots remaining out of 60

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Bring your own tableware, dishes, beverage of choice and if you are not on the dinner team an appetizer to share - preferably including mushrooms.

Payment by cash or check only at the event.