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February 3, 2020 MSSF Culinary Group Dinner
Captain: Jeanne Marlow
Theme: "A Mushroom Mardi Gras"
Main Dish: Shrimp & Mushroom Etouffee w/ Rice
Vegetarian Main Dish: Mushroom Etouffee w/ Rice
Side Dish: Cajun-Style Greens
Okra Pickles
Creole Soup
Dessert: Southern Trifle
Coffee & Tea

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Monthly MSSF Council Meeting

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2/11/20207:30 PM

Agaricus hondensis

Each general meeting begins with mushroom identification, appetizers & wine tasting, then features a guest speaker on a selected mycological topic. 


7 pmSocial time, meet & greet, downstairs in the Buckley Room.
8 pmMain level Theater: Announcements, followed by the evening's presentation.

General meetings are open to the public.

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2/18/20207:00-10:00 pm

March 2, 2020 MSSF Culinary Group Dinner



Main Dish:

Vegetarian Main Dish:

Side Dish:




Decaf Coffee & Tea

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Monthly MSSF Council Meeting

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3/10/20207:30 PM

MSSF Annual Budget & Council Meeting (late August or early September)
Monthly MSSF Council Meeting

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