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MSSF Fall Forays will be conducted on various dates between November 1 2020 and 28 February 2021.  Announcements of foray dates will be made approximately one week prior to the scheduled dates of the forays by general e-mail announcements to all MSSF members.  
Forays will consist of; local, day trip, and quick start forays. All forays will be dependent upon receiving sufficient moisture, (rain) prior to the forays.
All forays, regardless of location will be conducted in accordance with the San Francisco Coronavirus, (Covid-19) health directives.  This requires that all small outdoor gatherings consist of 12 people or less, (including the leader/s), be two hours or less in length, that all participants be screened 24 hours prior to a scheduled foray, (Questionnaire), and all participants have hand sanitizer, their own water container, and wear face coverings at all times.
Carpooling to foray locations is only recommended with members of the same household.  It is strongly recommended that you have received this year's flu vaccination before attending a foray.
Forays will be posted on the MSSF website, event registration page approximately one week before the scheduled foray dates.  All forays will be first come first served for members in good standing with dues paid up to date.  No guests will be allowed, and only two adult members from each household will be allowed to sign up.  There will be no standby waiting list for these forays.

NOTE: MSSF members, check your member status, (dues paid up to date) and ensure that your member profile contact information is current on the MSSF website so wou will be eligible to participate on the forays.

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11/1/2020 Curt Haney

Monthly MSSF Virtual Council Meeting

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11/10/20207:30 PM

Agaricus hondensis



General meetings are open to the public.

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11/17/20207:00-10:00 pm

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